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Kiwanis Member, Vietnam Helicopter Pilot, Lt. Colonel Jimmy Moore said: “My PTSD was cured.”

Because of the noticeable changes in Moore’s behavior, as acknowledged by his wife, Kiwanis is sponsoring a medical study to replicate this treatment, with another veteran.  This initial study will then be used, that additional studies can be done, to eventually incorporate this treatment to the general public.


This vision extends to children, who suffered trauma, as well.


The study: “How were Moore’s symptoms of PTSD changed so quickly”?  “Scientifically, what happened in therapy”? “Can this outcome be repeated”? “How can nightmares change with therapy”? “PTSD symptoms changed in less than 30 days”?

Questions concerning fear, anger, forgiveness, self-love, with components of therapy examined, documented through qEEG, Brain Mapping, video recording and debrief of the subject.


Kiwanis Foundation of Temecula Valley. 

Temecula Kiwanis members Jim Stead and Jimmy Moore discuss need for the Medical Study.


QEEG data, Electroencephalogram and Brain Mapping, video recording of therapy sessions. Brain Maps will be compared with commentary/debrief of therapy, video with split screens, so the Brain Map, therapy and interview comes together.

This study is intense. This leads to a larger more comprehensive study. Creating an open understanding of therapy. STUDY: A retired Lt. Colonel who served mortuary duty in Iraq has volunteered for this study. Nightmares and PTS symptoms will be reviewed in this study. Up to 15 hours of EEG will be examined, to understand therapy. Data will be reviewed by Scientists and Mathematicians.

Measure sleep disturbance prior to therapy, during therapy and follow-up after therapy.  This will help to understand what occurred to change nightmares and PTS symptoms of Lt. Colonel Moore.


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The outcome of this study is relevant to the Center of Disease Control’s ACE Study .

The Adverse Childhood Experience:

Study Sponsored by The Temecula Kiwanis Foundation,  a 501c3 non-profit corporation

A request of the Surgeon General of the United States Navy, Admiral Nathan July 9th 2014 at the Congressionally established, Recovering Warrior Task Force, Meeting Transcript (July 9, 2014)